Hi, I’m Keisha Tompkins, and I am a Home Stager

The Goal of staging is to enhance the appeal of a home while maintaining its design integrity.

While some homes are staged when they are vacant, others are partially staged, incorporating the seller’s furnishings with the stager’s in a coordinated way to create a look that best represents the property.

Stagers make each room feel less personal by editing out older furniture and minimizing clutter.

Thoughtful furniture installation and placement give a buyer an understanding of how to use a space or how to best arrange their own furnishings.


Staging a home is an investment. A thorough and professional staging effort can be the leading reason a property sells quickly, and in many cases for over the asking price. If a property is styled and furnished in good taste, with flair, it translates into competitive offers, increased demand and a higher sale price. The benefits of marketing a home that has been thoroughly styled and prepared for the broader buying audience outweighs the initial expenses and yields a far greater return.

Staging should help potential buyers see how a property will fit their lifestyle. A staged home will show better than empty properties. It’s important to trust your real estate agent, who knows the value of not being penny wise and pound foolish, but to see beyond the cash outlay to the final sale.

A stylish interior is inviting and because everyone’s aesthetic is not the same, we use a neutral palette while adding highlights of color. My job is to add the pizzazz!

Most importantly, staging and styling “animate” a home by adding a fresh light feeling. Not all staging is created equal: while some prefer to show an interior as if in a magazine, my take is more basic: to suggest a simple, relaxed lifestyle that might make a prospective buyer feel “at home” in this property. Contrary to what one might assume, staging goes beyond furniture placement and filling a house with inventory. Basic furniture installation and placement give a buyer an understanding of how to use a space or how to best place their own furnishings.

For me, staging is about creating a style that inspires a buyer’s excitement as they visualize themselves emotionally and physically “at home” in the house.

NOW, let’s get started!

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