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When it comes to selling your home, staging can be an excellent way to showcase all the features your house has to offer. Over time, homeowners infuse their homes with their own style and flare, adding personality to each room. Staging paints a more neutral living space, enabling potential buyers the ability to easily picture incorporating their own personalities into the home.

🏡 Draw Home Buyers with Curb Appeal

Selling a home begins before the buyer ever steps out of their vehicle. Curb appeal is extremely important in your staging process since it is the very first impression your home gives away. Beautifying your home’s curb appeal from the outside-in is typically the best approach.

Start by walking the sidewalk and street in front of your home. In some cases, it may make sense to pressure wash the area if it needs cleaning. From there, focus on the driveway and front yard, being sure to remove any weeds, fallen tree branches, or other debris. Finally, make sure your outside windows, doors, and shutters look presentable and give off that welcoming vibe.

🖥 Kitchens Sell Homes

Kitchens get used more than any other room in the house, second only to your bedroom. This is because kitchens tend to be the social area of the house when cooking meals, entertaining guests and enjoying that well-deserved bottle of wine. Since this is the case, it’s important that the room is cleaned top to bottom and has adequate lighting to properly showcase.

When staging a kitchen, decluttering the countertops is important. You should view your counter space as an important selling feature of the kitchen. Removing clutter shows how much kitchen space there actually is and adds more value to the area. Add splashes of colors in the form of herb plants or small spice racks can help add subtle accents without taking up much surface area.

🛌 Neutral Bedrooms are Best

The obvious focal point of a bedroom is the bed itself. Sometimes when staging a home, homeowners might feel that showing a king-sized bed is the best way to get a buyer’s attention. In many cases, however, this can make your bedroom look smaller which can impact a buyer’s interest. It’s better to have your bedroom staged with a queen-sized bed, as this will give a more balanced representation of the space available.

Choose neutral colors to showcase your bedroom and appeal to the widest range of potential buyers. Use pops of color in the way of throw pillows but keep it free of personal photos and décor.

🛁 Maximize Bathroom Appeal

Small bathrooms can be a turn off to buyers, so you want to maximize the appeal of your bathroom by making it look as spacious as possible. Remove clothing hampers and large trashcans. These can make spaces look cramped and cluttered.

Put away personal care items, make up, and small appliances like hair dryers. These items can be distracting and take the focus away from the bathroom itself. Add fresh hand towels in a neutral color. Make sure the soap bottle is freshly filled and do a touch-up cleaning often.

💎 Living Room Furniture

Understanding the focal point of your living room will help you make a better decision on how it should be staged. When you enter the living room, take note of the first place your eyes wander. The focal point may be a fireplace, large windows, open bookshelves, or an entertainment center. Arrange living room furniture to compliment that area.

Stay away from over sized furniture pieces that make the room look smaller. Place furniture in conversational settings, and make sure there is plenty of lighting available. If possible, position your furniture away from the walls.

🏠 Keeping Your Staged Home Show Ready

Once your home is properly staged, keeping it that way before the showing is important. Make sure the home stays dusted, vacuumed, and ready for visitors. Regular light cleaning makes it easier to maintain. Before a showing, let as much natural light in as possible by opening all curtains, blinds, and shades.

Finally, you’ll want to ensure you keep everything smelling fresh by taking out all the garbage in the house and using natural citrus cleaners. Natural citrus scents will help keep a fresh smell in the house while avoiding the use of overly-fragrant candles that can cause allergic reactions.

Following these simple steps when staging your home will help you ensure your living space gets the attention it deserves and will bring you that much closer to making that final sale.

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